If we use the Word of God to teach us what it means we will soon see that it is not open to private interpretation as it already warns us. This is why we have so much false teaching, denominations, splits and schisms.

We are required to study to show ourselves approved onto God, meeting His approval only.

The Holy Spirit is given to every believer in order to teach us the Word of God. The bible is being interpreted by many men and women according to their denominational beliefs, but Gods word tells us it is not open to interpretation by man, God wrote it, he knows what he said and what he meant. there is only one interpretation of truth, Gods interpretation.

My journey through much false teaching, denominationalism, and testings has brought me to an end of trusting in man as the authority on what scripture means, man needs to back up all statements with Scripture before I will pay attention to anything they have to say now, with no respector of persons included no matter what their title.

Test EVERYTHING, Thats the best piece of advise I can give anyone. Each one will give account for their own soul. I chose to take good care of mine. God is a rewarder of those who dilligently seek him.

Then we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.

Lets take a journey with Gods help, Testing our beliefs, teachers and denomination doctrines by the Word of God.

Pray and join me as we seek the Lord in His Own Word.

God bless you.